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The villas and the gardens

The Villas and the historical Gardens of the city of Saremo are the result of the famous “golden period” that followed the touristic expansion of the city from the 1870. This treasure had been inherited from the past and gathers inside all the distinctive characters of the historical changes. The foreign influence and the particular climate conditions of the territory have enhanced the acclimatization of a lot of exotic species. Many of these trees have reached enormous dimensions and they have a great symbolic value: they are a representative image of our gardens. The areas dedicated to the public parks are characterized by elegant palm trees, centuries-old olive trees, majestic ficus and rare Encephalarthos. Some of these plants are authentic botanical rarity and living witnesses coming from the prestigious past of the Sanremo of the XIX and XX centuries. The management of these areas have increased the attention, the care and the empowerment of the botanical elements, looking for a high quality image able to show the prestige of the city. By the way, these historical parks are not only something left by the inhabitants come before us: we must protect this historical dimension of the Sanremo “Ville de saison” and we must also provide a new image, always looking for the improvement of the environment and of the quality of life. The history of the city can be fully read through the ancient villas and the beautiful gardens: a unique chance of knowledge for the passionate visitor and for the citizen in love with Sanremo. Walking through our gardens, you will be surrounded by amazing plants that come from the furthest continents and that are the most authentic witness of the astonishing climate that guaranteed to Sanremo and to the Flower Coast a great success.

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When, in the middle of the 17th century, the well-known painter Fragonard visited Sanremo, he couldn’t help but to portrait its typical cuisine. The Sanremese gastronomy, a variation of the famous Ligurian cookery, is a true universe of flavors and aromas. It has lived its own evolution and it’s ideal for those who want to relax, while saving the energy to also have fun. At the table one can meet the sea and the earth, fish and vegetables. The distinctive characters of this refined yet simple reality, are easily recognizable: 

• the variety: there is not a dominant product or ingredient, but fish, vegetables, meat, cakes and sweets are all equally involved; 

• this cuisine enables the meeting between sea and ground food, according to the image of the city; 

• the evolution of the medieval dishes is realized thanks to the new American products, hardly but finally introduced during the XIX century; 

• the main dressing is the extravergine olive oil from the “taggiasca” variety, which dominates the area; 

• this cuisine has been fully included in the Mediterranean gastronomic culture; 

• it has a particular interregional and international touch, related to the continuous trading and cultural ex-changes with the Padana area, with the all the Mediterranean coasts and the North of Europe. 

Sanremo_giardini villa Ormond_02.jpg
The sanctuary of cetaceans

Sanremo and the coast are located in an ideal position to discover a magic sea, where in the hot months a lot of cetaceans meet.

These nice mammals are protected by an international convention that covers a wide area included among Corsica, Liguria and Southern France.

It is hence easy to go offshore and to observe all the protected species according to the environmental rules. Surely you will meet dolphins and striped dolphins that jump from the water and play near the boat.

If you are quite lucky, you will also see the quiet and enormous fin whale or the tail of a sperm whale looking for squids, its favorite food. Moreover you can also meet other curious and rare specimen, such as the beaked whale or the grampus. Every day is a new experience and it will be full of unique emotions

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